Brushed Nickel is leading the race to the 2024 Finish line

Brushed Nickel Finish

Far from being a random or last-minute decision, the quality and style of door hardware combined with the finish selected, is an all-important choice that can have a far-reaching impact on the character and look of a home. Right down to making or breaking a front entrance’s aesthetic appeal, what you have on your doors (both inside and out) can even play a vital role in getting a sale over the line!

Whether you’re looking for a touch of elegance and charm, tastefully modern or plain good-looking convenience for everyday living, making the choice of a door hardware style and finish to suit your home or project is easy when you have an extensive, quality range to choose from.

Zanda’s finishes, like our overall door hardware range, offer our customers a great selection which means there’s always the perfect one to complement a home, reno or building update!

Plus, another great benefit (unlike many other brands) is that if you’re wanting every door hardware item to match, Zanda has you covered with even our hinges, catches and other small accessories coming in a variety of cutting-edge finishes!

So, if you can see the finish line of your project on the horizon and you’re looking for a bit of inspiration, here’s what our customers are telling us are the SUPER Hot Top 4 when it comes to the door hardware finishes of 2024…

Brushed Nickel

Brushed Nickel is the finish Zanda’s customers are loving as the finish of the moment, being contemporary yet also oozing a timeless sophistication suited to the demands of a wide range of projects and individual style needs. Both inside and out, Brushed Nickel is an enduring, versatile finish that is weather- and fingerprint-proof and quite simply stunning for a range of applications.

9346.BN - Zurich Passage Set, Brushed Nickel Finish
7034.BN - Apollo Separate Privacy Set, Brushed Nickel Finish

Matt Black

Matt Black Finish

Matt Black continues its trend as a much sought-after finish, being used extensively in project and other modern homes and buildings. This one’s also a winner with renovators who often favour using sleek and stylish Matt Black as the finish of choice when replacing aging door hardware. Matt Black is a versatile finish for a range of styles and purposes and can be used on every door from statement-making front door pull handles and throughout the interior of the house.

10081.GN - Boston Passage Set, Graphite Nickel Finish
16 Horizon Homes 450mm Nitro Pull Handle, Matt Black

Graphite Nickel

Graphite Nickel Finish

Next in the finish line-up is Graphite Nickel (also known as Matt Bronze & Gunmetal Grey). This exciting finish is our newest, top trending door hardware finish which is available in our complete range including door handles, pull handles, sliding door flush pulls, locks, cabinet handles and accessories. With its on-trend, gunmetal colouring, outstanding durability and striking yet understated good looks, our Graphic Nickel range can be used effectively in a range of different home and building styles.

Web 21 Geographe Apartments Epic Graphite Nickel, Front Gate
5305.verve Flush Pull 1

Satin brass

Satin Brass Finish

Coming in at number 4, Satin Brass is a long-term finish that is once again making its mark in 2024, bringing its luxurious touch to many projects. A quality range of hardware with exceptional warranties, many of the products in this finish are constructed from solid brass and designed and manufactured in Europe. Easy to keep in prime condition and fingerprint-free by cleaning with a damp cloth, the Satin Brass finish delivers an in-vogue and upmarket look to any space.

9346.SB - Zurich Passage Set, Satin Brass Finish
4 Web 8 Warton St Cavity Suite Privacy, Satin Brass

finding your finish

When it comes to deciding the best product for your project, Zanda’s online gallery is right at your fingertips. If you need expert help, Zanda’s Australian based, highly professional sales team would be delighted to assist and guide you on your door hardware journey – just give us a call on 1300 926 321 or email