Covid 19 Virus update

Supply Chain Update

As you would be well aware, the Covid-19 virus is effecting us all in various ways and differing degrees. We wish to advise that our supply chain is strong and our stock holding is sufficient to carry us through any supply chain disruption. Unlike some companies, we are very unreliant on China and have strong supply chains, many of whom are not so effected by the virus. We wish to assure all our loyal and valued customers that we are strong. Our balance sheet is healthy and we will continue to create wow, be the easiest supplier to deal with and dispatch within two hours of receiving the order!

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Zanda Coronavirus (COVID-19) Policy

In recent weeks, the global Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation is one that we have been monitoring. It is important that we take the appropriate and necessary precautions to minimise risk. The health and wellbeing of our customers and staff is of paramount importance to us. As such we have enacted the following policies;

  1. All staff are expected to practise good hygiene to protect against infections. These practises have been well published internally and adequate hygiene supplies have been provided to all staff. We are routinely cleaning all frequently touched surfaces in the workplace, including workstations, countertops and door handles.
  2. Staff that can work from home are encouraged to work from home. If any staff are experiencing any of the symptoms associated with Coronavirus, they are required to self-isolate immediately and get medical help. Staff may only return to work when they have a medical clearance to do so.
  3. All air travel has been cancelled or postponed until further notice.
  4. All non urgent appointments are to be via Zoom or Microsoft Teams (more on this below).
  5. All trade conferences and exhibitions have been cancelled until further notice.

We will continue to monitor the situation and make updates as we see appropriate. Most of our systems including phones are now cloud based so we are in a good position to operate remotely if the situation comes to this.

Introducing Zoom – a fast and efficient way to communicate online

As you would understand, flying presents risks and the company as mentioned above, on professional advice, has decided to cut its staff flight travel for the time being. This won’t effect many of our customers but will for some regions. Don’t worry though, we will still be meeting with you, it will just be via Zoom! This is an incredibly efficient way of catching up and still allows us to demonstrate new products and offerings whilst seeing you face to face. We will monitor the situation on a daily basis and will return to flying as soon as our advisers feel it is safe to do so. You will still receive our calls and our unparalleled service will be unchanged and we will always have your back.

We believe that with every cloud there is a silver lining. For us, the silver lining is to be able to help our customers when they need it. To be there when perhaps others are not and to be as positive and supportive as we possibly can. There is always sunshine after clouds, we will emerge from this stronger than we were. The future is never certain, but we have completed a full and extensive risk assessment and we are prepared and confident.

The Zanda Team.

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