Zanda Architectural Hardware offer the following keying services to clients:

Keying Alike (KA)

Keying Alike allows for a number of locks to be operated by the same key.

Keyed to Differ (KD):

Keyed to differ means each lock can only be opened by its own unique key.

Construction Keying (CKA):​

The Zanda construction key system is used to allow contractors to gain entry to a building during construction but to prevent entry by the same contractors after the building has been occupied or handed over. On completion of the building, the owners key is activated rendering the construction key inoperative and preventing further entry by the contractor.

Master Keying (MKA):

Master Keying is where each lock will have its own individual key which will not operate any other locks in the system, but where all locks can be operated by the one master key.

Grand Master Keying (GMKA):​

Grand Master Keying is an extension of the master keyed system. Each lock has its own individual key however the locks are divided into two or more groups. Each lock group is operated by a master key, and the entire system is operated by one grand master key.

Maison Keying (MAIKA):

Maison keying is widely used in apartments, flats, offices, and hotels. Each unit has its own key which will not operate the locks to another unit. The key will however, operate the locks to communal entrances and service areas such as a gym.

Where it gets more complex is you can combine some of the above functions into the same package. For example you could get your maison keying also construction keyed on a project.

Need help regarding which keying system you require for your project? Call on of our experts on 1300 926 321, we’d be glad to help.

Please note, we are not locksmiths and only provide keying services on projects where Zanda is providing the door hardware.