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Why brushed nickel?

Brushed Nickel has long been trending in Australian homes for fixtures and fittings. According to leading interior designers, this trend is predicted to continue in 2020, 2021 and beyond.

With its honeyed grey tone, Brushed Nickel closely matches Stainless Steel but offers a warm and subtle alternative. Brushed Nickel is especially suited to modern, contemporary environments with a sharp emphasis on the design aesthetic. The finish can also blend in well to a more traditional setting.

Tie in with your Stainless Steel or Satin Nickel finishes

Being similar to stainless steel, this means Brushed Nickel can beautifully complement other architectural hardware finished in Satin Stainless Steel finish like an entrance pull handle or a flush pull. It is also very similar to Satin Nickel except for the fact that “Brushed” Nickel has very fine lines in the finish.

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Enter the Zanda range of Brushed Nickel Hardware

At Zanda, one of our key points of difference has been our Brushed Nickel designer finish. In the year 2018, we analysed our Brushed Nickel sales over against Satin Chrome sales. The results were astounding – Brushed Nickel 79% to Satin Chrome 21%. This means for every satin chrome product we sold, we sold 3.75 products in Brushed Nickel.

Remarkably, Brushed Nickel is largely unique to Zanda and not available from the majority of door hardware suppliers in Australia and throughout the world.

We stock the complete range of brushed nickel architectural hardware including but not limited to;

What we don’t stock in Brushed Nickel, we are likely to stock in stainless steel which will seamlessly blend in together with your brushed nickel. Our stainless steel products include Entrance Pull Handles, Flush Pulls and mortice locks.

So if you want to stand out from the crowd with Brushed or Satin Nickel door hardware, give us a call on 1300 ZANDA1 or browse our stunning range on this website.

View our gallery of past projects where brushed nickel door handles and brushed nickel cabinet handles have been used to great effect below;