In the words of a Door Reseller
"Your service always blows us away. The other day I placed an order and literally 2 hours later it was here. I'd have to give it to you guys, you're by far the quickest supplier we have"
In the words of a Timber Door & Window Manufacturer
"I've been in the Timber Joinery industry for 17 years and have used many door hardware suppliers nationwide. I can honestly say after using Zanda for 3 years now, I've never come across anything as good. The quality is world class, it's great to install and I can't remember the last time we had a comeback"
In the words of an architect
"We are involved in commercial projects which are notoriously tough to run. Zanda have consistently delivered on time, to budget and without come backs and you can't ask for much more than that"
In the words of an architectural hardware reseller
"Your service there is absolutely fantastic, it is consistently brilliant"
In the words of a large reseller
"Zanda provided the following support which has made the partnership a great success to date.
  • Staff training
  • Display boards for our showrooms
  • Display boards for sales staff
  • Assistance with display homes
  • A distribution policy that supports the partnership
  • Marketing assistance where required
  • Sales targets and reward schemes
  • Trading terms
  • Technical support
  • 1st class service (reliability and professional)
We are very happy to be involved with such a proactive and professional supplier"
In the words of a Commercial Reseller
"We searched for ages to find a supplier that could give us the rapid turnaround time we required to meet contracts on time and on budget whilst maintaining the level of quality that our customers demanded. Zanda has fulfilled all our expectations"
In the words of a large hardware retailer
"It doesn't matter what we throw at you, you always seem to perform"
In the words of a high end builder
"We use the Zanda range because the style and quality is so superior to everything else that is out there. Plus, we like being able to deal with good blokes who genuinely care about us and fix up problems promptly"
In the words of a Commercial Reseller
"I appreciate that offer – I like dealing with you guys. No one else shows the initiative like you do."
In the words of a large Door & Window Manufacturer
"I am pleased to say that Zanda have been in my opinion very good to deal with, so nice to have a local hardware supplier and not have to wait on the East coast."
In the words of a high end cabinet maker
"We use Zanda because their product is the best, their service is the best and their displays are second to none"
In the words of a Door Closer specialist
"We'd have to admit that we haven’t experienced any negative feedback with any of the Rutland door closers"
In the words of a Locksmith
"You're always foremost in our minds – service is outstanding, even from the other side of the world or wherever you are"
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