What’s trending in 2020? Definitely not Satin Chrome Door Hardware.

Wow – we’ve just done the sums on our most popular finishes for 2020 and the results are astonishing. One thing is for sure. Satin Chrome as a door handle finish is dying as designers and consumers embrace newer, more trendy finishes.

In 2014, Satin Chrome was Zanda’s second most popular finish. Today its dropped to sixth out of our nine different finishes. Satin Chrome sales from 2014 are down 39%! In this same time, our Brushed Nickel sales have increased by over 250%. Brushed Nickel is still by far our most popular finish. In fact for every Satin Chrome door hardware product we sell, we sell 5.8 in Brushed Nickel.

In todays world there are so many different finishes to choose from. The reality is, Satin Chrome whilst still suiting some applications, is not that classy anymore compared with many of the other finishes available. Tapware companies are also reporting similar trends and many don’t even offer Satin Chrome as a finish today. But don’t worry, if you are really after Satin Chrome door hardware, and it does look good in some projects – we still have over 250 products stocked in this finish.

Graphite Nickel is also a big riser and we expect this to jump Matt Black as a finish in 2021. For your interest, below is a breakdown of our most popular door hardware finishes so far for 2020.

Zanda Architectural Hardware most popular finishes 2020.

1. Brushed Nickel

2. Satin Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Finish Ss

3. Matt Black

Matt Black Finish Blk E1593510381948

4. Graphite Nickel

5. Satin Brass

6. Satin Chrome

Satin Chrome Finish Sc

7. Vintage Pewter

Vintage Pewter Finish Vp

8. Chrome Plate

Chrome Plate Finish Cp

9. Rustic Brass

Rustic Brass Finish Rb

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