The advantages and disadvantages of Black Door Hardware

Confident and progressive, the Matt Black finish can be a defining design element that has the ability to transform an entire space – raising the mood and refreshing the atmosphere.

Like any trend though, there is always pros and cons to a particular finish you choose for your project. Our team of experts have put together a list of them for your consideration.


It goes with pretty much everything.

Like clothing fashion, black will go with pretty much anything, whatever the colouring and style of your project. White, blue, natural timber, stone, marble and neutral colour schemes all look fantastic with black. Matt Black Door Hardware is commonly used in modern and industrial, but also in traditional and Hampton style spaces.

It’s remarkably elegant.

We’re so programmed to seeing metallic finishes on our doors, we find ourselves stopping to look at black as its much sleeker and hugely different to the norm. If you’re renovating, changing your door hardware to black is a simple way of transforming your house from a drab interior, to a bold and sophisticated one. Black door hardware can be very visually pleasing on the eye.

It creates ‘wow’.

If you’re craving a show-stopping statement in your project without going over the top, black door hardware can be just what you’re looking for. Black door handles and accessories adds a modern edge to most projects. Black is a relatively bold look, while at the same time still sophisticated and subtle if used with the right variety of materials. At Zanda our motto is – ‘wow’ at every touch point and black certainly provides this.

It looks awesome with timber.

Black door hardware spectacularly compliments the texture and grain of natural timber. Just look at the below images, no more words needed to justify this point. Images courtesy of Valmont.

It wont show fingerprints.

The door handle is proven to be the most touched thing in a house. Unlike chrome door furniture, fingerprints are a lot less visible on a black handle.

The full range of accessories are available.

Unlike some door hardware ranges, Zanda Architectural Hardware has the complete range of Matt Black hardware allowing you to blend it throughout your whole project. Door Handles, Entrance Pull Handles, Locks and Lock Kits, Sliding Door Hardware, Door Stops, Hinges and even Kitchen Handles are all available in the exclusive Zanda Matt Black range. Click here to view the outstanding range.


It can be overpowering.

Black door hardware can be overstated and overpowering if used in large proportions. Best practise is to use more sparingly. Smaller proportions are more effective in bringing wow without being overwhelming.

It will fade.

No matter how the hardware has been finished, whether electroplated, oxidized or powder coated, the black colour will fade over time if not properly maintained to a grayer kind of finish. To avoid fading of your black door handles, wipe your hardware with a damp cloth regularly. From a hygiene perspective, this should be done regularly anyhow and this will go a considerable distance in delaying the fading process.

Matt Black Apex Door Handle

It shows up dust.

Just walk around a building site where black hardware or taps have been used and you will notice the dust on the surface of the product. Remnants of makeup powder will also fall onto black handles occasionally and this will cause the handles to look cloudy once the powder has been wiped off. When using black hardware, be prepared to wipe them over regularly, to maintain the clean, ‘wow’ black look.

It’s likely to date.

This is a contentious and debatable statement however the majority of architects and designers believe Matt Black has a relatively limited lifespan. Most conclude that black taps and door handles will look outdated within 10 years. In contrast, most designers agree a finish like Brushed Nickel is seamless and still likely to be aesthetically pleasing in 20 years time.

7102 Polo Pull Handle, Matt Black - 1800mm length

It can’t be cleaned with chemicals or waxed based cleaning properties.

Beware, do not in any circumstances use chemicals or waxed based cleaning substances to clean your Matt Black door hardware. This is likely to damage it over time. Best practice when cleaning is to use mild soapy water and a warm soft cloth. Make sure the hardware is properly dried once cleaned, so stains don’t appear after it dries.

It’s prone to damage during installation if not handled respectfully.

Occasionally carpenters can be rough when installing door hardware. Ensure that your black door hardware is adequately protected from tools like multi-grips and drills so they do not scratch the surface and ruin your hardware. On standard Satin Chrome and Brushed Nickel finishes, the human eye would rarely discern subtle scratches to the surface of the hardware. However with Matt Black, the most minor scratch will show up and can be very irritating for an end-user.

In the overall, if done right Matt Black door hardware can be a great statement for your home, building or office. To view the complete Zanda range click here or contact the friendly Zanda team on 1300 ZANDA1 for more information on our Matt Black Range of door hardware.

A common alternative these days to the matt black finish is the more subtle and less overpowering graphite nickel.

View a gallery of some of our matt black door hardware below;