White Hinges

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Complete your project with all matching fittings and fixtures, including all door hardware accessories. Our wide range of accessories include hinges available in all our different finishes. All hinges come complete with screws to suit timber or metal frames.

White hinges dimensions as follows.

  • 5901.WH – Butt Hinge, Loose Pin, 100x75x2.5mm
  • 5904.WH – Bearing Hinge, Fixed Pin, 100x75x3mm
  • 5910.WH – Butt Hinge, Fixed Pin, 100x100x2.5mm

5901.WH – 100x75x2.5mm, Butt Hinge, Loose Pin, 5904.WH – 100x75x2.5mm, Bearing Hinge, Fixed Pin, 5910.WH – 100x100x2.5mm, Butt Hinge, Fixed Pin,



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