Emergency Release Door Stop

Emergency Release Door Stop

Emergency Release Door Stop


  • Use in conjunction with a pivot set.
  • Allows double action door to operate as single swing, when hung on pivot doors.
  • Emergency access is gained by depressing the stop and pulling the door outward.
  • Includes hold back facility
  • Stop release resets automatically
  • Maintenance free – 10 year warranty
  • 304 Grade Stainless Steel

A recent testimonial of this product:

‘With reference to your great door stopper that fits within the running rail on the door frame, what a great idea. The best thing being the fact that you do not have to puncture the vinyl floor coverings and it is not a trip hazard on site, something so simple but very effective – great idea.’ The contractor’s site manager for Southend Hospital

Trapped in a washroom was an interesting childhood experience.

Equally interesting for a parent is shouting escape instructions through the bathroom door while your child thinks about “clockwise and anticlockwise” and the jammed lock.

For mental health workers, releasing barricaded doors can be a daily challenge.

Try using your “through the door” communication skills in a Dementia suite …you’ll sure need more than skill.

Rutland make it easy with a reliable TH.107 Emergency Release. This will “lock-in” and “lock-out” and replaces the stop lathe in the door frame.

  • “Lock-in” enables the door to open towards nursing staff and makes free entry possible while assisting patients. Most helpful when someone has collapsed and lying against the door.
  • “Lock-out” makes it hard for inquisitive residents minded to enter when in use.

There’s a number of methods on the market, but few reliable controls. Reliability is the key in emergencies.

The below video shows how it works;-



TH.107 – LOCK IN & OUT


Stainless Steel

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