Square Double Turn Lock Kits


Double Turn Lock Kit

  • The Square Double Turn Lock kit includes euro lock, single cylinder and escutcheons


  • Won’t blow open in the wind
  • Doesn’t need to be slammed closed
  • Can be opened from the outside
  • Requires no adjustment once installed


  • Neat, compact thumb turn action that retracts a positive latch
  • Specifically designed for Australian conditions


Brushed Nickel, Graphite Nickel and Matt Black


1184 Square Double Turn Lock Kit, 51x51mm plates – includes single cylinder & escutcheons 60mm backset


Graphite Nickel, Matt Black, Brushed Nickel

1183 Double Turn Lock Kit Fitting Instructions
1184 Fitting Instructions

1143 1183 1184
1143 Mortice Fitting Template

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