ITS.11204 Concealed Cam Action Closer

ITS.11204 Concealed Cam Action Closer

ITS.11204 Concealed Cam Action Closer


The Rutland ITS11204 Concealed Door Closer provides the perfect solution for situations where a door closer is required without disturbing the appearance of the door. The closer is concealed by being installed in top of the door or the top of the door frame. It is fully concealed when the door is closed making it unseen and therefore not visible to the human eye.

This concealed door closer, complete with a cam and roller mechanism makes it perfect for compliance with Approved Document M and BS 8300 recommendations. This very slim, non-handed, EN 2-4 power-adjustable product is suitable for a variety of metal and timber doors. The ITS11204 features in locations where accessibility and aesthetics are crucial, such as hospitals, care homes and schools.

The ITS11204 is a non-handed cam action door closer making it simple to install. Thanks to the cam action construction it is extremely light to open but strong enough to close heavy doors whilst. It offers a wide variety of functions for both single or double doors. The concealed closer is suitable for external, internal and heavy duty doors.

Features include:

  • Cam Action Mechanism
  • EN2-4 Power Size
  • Adjustable closing speed
  • Adjustable latch action
  • Max Door Wide: (1100mm)
  • Mas Door Weight: (80kg)
  • Opening Angle: 120 degrees
  • Minimum door thickness: 44mm
  • Non handed, suitable for LH and RF doors
  • 10 year guarantee
  • Totally concealed when the door is closed

Download Full Spec Sheet
Click here to download the fitting instructions.

Some of the benefits of choosing a Rutland Concealed Door Closer

  • Greater proportion of wood left in the door (unique to Rutland)
  • Ease and speed of fitting
  • Fire tested for multiple applications
  • Latched or unlatched
  • No shadowing through from the cut out

Just a few of the Concealed Cam Actions unique advantages

Can be used on 44mm FD30 Doors without shadowing!
ITS.11204 is one of the slimmest concealed closers with its 32mm wide mechanism after Intumescent kit is fitted. Some concealed Cam Actions finish up 36mm wide after being wrapped in intumescent a whole 4mm extra to chop out of the door! This means that Rutland intumescent fitted Concealed Cam Action Door Closer can be used on 44mm doors without Ghosting appearing in the timber face. For your customer this can reduce the overall cost of a project.

Fire & Smoke tested without extra Smoke Fins on connector bar
Some concealed slide arm closers have passed the smoke test by using plastic fins attached to the connector bar. The ITS.11204 passed the smoke test without any additional assistance. It is designed with zero tolerance and the intumescent acts as the smoke seal. For customers, using the ITS.11204 means that the polished chrome, brass or satin stainless connector bar isn’t spoilt by extra smoke fins and still coordinates visually with the finish of the handles and other door furniture. The visual appearance is critical for Interior Designers with their high profile projects.

PowerLatch closing
The nature of the Cam has been known to create floppy un-positive latch with some makes of Cam Actions closers. The soft latch can be a problem when affected by only small amounts of air movement, through-drafts or air conditioning. The firm latch of the Rutland ITS.11204 is difficult to achieve and we’re delighted to say we’ve mastered this! You can have the confidence when specifying concealed door closers that you will achieve a safe and firm latch.

Sturdy durable valves
Rutland don’t use tiny Allen Key type brass valve adjustment. The ITS.11204 cam action valve controls are sturdy, and operated with screwdriver giving many years of usage and great value for money.


ITS.11204.B Concealed slide arm door closer combined Unit (with ?ITS-B? rail and connector bar) 2-4 EN Silver Finish


Satin Nickel

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