Zanda hinges offer the aesthetically pleasing appearance of high quality. There are many types of hinges including bearing hinges, butt hinges, fast fix hinges (known as quick fix, hirline hinges), lift off hinges, rising hinges and wide throw hinges, each having their specific benefits and uses. Zanda has a wide range of sizes all constructed from stainless steel and suitable for timber doors to aluminium doors, heavy doors to light-weight doors, and come available in fixed pin or loose pin.

Having Stainless steel hinges has significant long-lasting benefits as opposed to other metals. It has high corrosion resistance compared to most metals. Low alloyed grades resit corrosion in atmospheric conditions, whereas the highly alloyed grades will resist corrosion in most acidic and chloride bearing environments – even at elevated temperatures and pressures. Zanda has 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Hinges and 304 Grade Stainless hinges.

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