When choosing the finish of your door handles, it’s important to make sure there are accessories to match. 

There is NOTHING worse than choosing a finish for your door handles, only to find that you cannot get matching hinges, door stops, flush bolts, door closers or other accessories to match. This is a major problem throughout the door hardware industry, with very few suppliers providing matching suites of finishes.

Zanda specializes in this very space, with the largest range of door handle finishes with all the accessories to match. You can find all our finishes here, and the options are boundless. To the untrained eye, a mis-matching hinge or doorstop may not stand out, but to someone with taste and awareness the mismatch is abhorrent.

1 Zurich Entrance Set

Here are 9 things to consider when you select your door handle finish.

1. What is the warranty, and how will the finish stand the test of time in your circumstances. Think environmental conditions or functionality requirements in your home – this is critical as all handles aren’t equal. See here for why quality is so important.

2. Consider the features of the door handle – will it have all the functions you need. There might only be one door handle available in the finish you are after, but does it have the functionality you need? Here is a good guide to ensure you get the best door handle to suit your needs.

3. A fine-looking entrance can add 10% to the value of a home, so choose your front door hardware carefully. You don’t have to use the same hardware on your front door as what you used internally, but make sure the finish is the same for design consistency. Think about this before purchasing your door levers. Read more about this here.

4. Another key thing is to consider the style. Will it match the style you want in the overall style of your house? The finish will play a big part in this. You can learn a lot about getting this right here.

5. Can you obtain all the accessories to match the finish of the door handle? Here is a check-list of the other accessories that accompany door handles, that you may have forgotten about. 

6. Understanding the psychology of the materials you purchase for your new house or renovation is also critical. Studies have shown that there is a sub conscious component in the choices we make and must live with. Depending on the choices we make, this can be positive or negative. There is an interesting study on this here which is well worth reading prior to your buying decision.

7. Do your own independent research and don’t let your builder choose your door handles for you. You will find the following article here a compelling reason to heed this advice.

8. Think about the trends in door hardware finishes. Finishes come in and out of fashion, so do your research as to what is currently trending, or what isn’t likely to date too soon. There is a good guide to current trends here.

9. You will also have to choose between integrated privacy or a separate privacy. Separate privacy’s look smarter and last a lot longer, but not all handles have both options in different finishes, so check this before your purchase. For more information on this important decision, see the report here.

So, as you can see, the choices you make are critical in the early stages. Often people leave the door handle and accessories until last. By this stage you might be running short on funds and opt for a cheaper choice of handle, and may not be able to find all door hardware items in matching finishes.

If you’re an owner builder, developer or in the selection process, you’ll already have had to budget early on for your doors and, hopefully, your door furniture too. However, if you’re at the stage where you now need to consider a budget for your door handles, then do consider, not only the above, but how often you use them. Door handles need to be hard wearing, and they can transform a good home, to a great home. It is the little architectural details that make all the difference, and matching finishes across hardware items is a big player in this field.