Brushed nickel has established itself as a popular choice for fixtures and fittings in Australian households over the last decade, however trends are changing, and graphite nickel (also known as gun-metal grey) is now emerging as the new black.

This timeless finish is best described as a fusion of brushed nickel and matt black. This delivers a chic look with popular gun-metal grey tones. The modern style is more versatile and cohesive than standard matt black, suited to both natural and industrial home interior designs, whilst also working particularly well with softer materials like timber.

A Welcomed Industry Change

This new style of finish has been welcomed with open arms across the industry. Whilst brushed nickel was always the finish of choice for more than a decade, consumers were in need of something different. Matt black finishes were introduced to the market as a modern finish with the promise of an edgy and dynamic new look. Whilst this trend initially gained some traction, the rich, black undertones were often difficult to match with interior designs, forming a love/hate sentiment amongst the marketplace.

The Best Of Both Worlds

It was time for a new door hardware finish to offer something different, whilst not being too far removed from the popular design trends. The gun-metal like tones of the graphite nickel finish have been embraced by the industry as it strikes the perfect balance between the popular brushed nickel look and the robust accents of matt black.

This created the perfect market opportunity for graphite nickel to make its introduction, offering consumers a chance to diversify their door hardware with a contemporary look that worked across a wide array of interiors.

Some attribute the surge in graphite nickel popularity to popular TV renovations shows which showcase new materials. “Ever since Kerrie and Spence used a combination of natural wood material with industrial dark metal to style their apartment on ‘The Block’ in 2018, Australians have gone mad for interior design with dark finishings.”

A Taste For Versatility And Adaptability

One of the key design features of this new style of door hardware finish is an ability to reflect its surroundings. This offers a supreme level of versatility that suits a wider variety of interiors. This has become a growing trend within the market, with homeowners often welcoming a dynamic feel throughout their homes through the use of key materials. As an example, kitchen handles using the new graphite nickel range will be treated to a brighter finish in the morning sun as compared to the evening under internal lights.

Grace commented on the rise in popularity of the new finish by explaining; “Our new Graphite Nickel range of door hardware epitomises the modern industrial style that Australians love. We’ve already seen a surge of sales for the range from both interior designers, architects and homeowners.”

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Introducing The New Graphite Nickel Range

Zanda Architectural Hardware are proud to present our full range of graphite nickel door hardware across a series of products. We have ensured we’ve covered every aspect of door hardware to offer a complete solution for renovations and new builds, with our range including;

  • Door handles
  • Entrance pull handles
  • Sliding door hardware
  • Kitchen cabinet handles
  • Door stops
  • Hinges
  • Door accessories.

Check out our new graphite nickel range for a selection of our latest door hardware finishes and discover why this new design trend has taken the Australian architectural hardware market by storm.